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Guitar Lessons

The guitar lessons here are custom tailored for each student in order to meet your goals. Whether it is to perform, exam preparation, compose or to improvise we can help you.
The default aim will be to develop the student into an all rounded musician; this is achieved through a combination of learning repertoire, technique, ear training, sight reading and theory.
Stylistically, we teach Contemporary Rock/Pop, Folk, Blues, Classical, and Jazz.

The techniques you will learn will vary on the styles of music you wish to play. If you are playing contemporary music, the right hand technique will be mostly based around a plectrum. With occasional fingerpicking technique included. Left hand technique is almost universally applicable, but left hand trills (hammer ons and pull offs) will be taught using classical technique.
For those focusing on classical, correct right hand technique will be taught. This includes correct striking techniques using the fingers p,i,m,a, shaping and maintaining fingernails, picking techniques tirando (freestroke) and apoyando (rest stroke).

Theory will also be included in lessons as you get better at playing. However, if you wish to skip theory and simply learn your favourite tunes or riffs, that is also fine. If you would like to learn advance theoretical concepts or compositional techniques, then that can also be accommodated for.