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Group Singing Lessons

Group singing lessons are an affordable way to learn how to sing. These lessons are for you if you want to sing in the comfort of a group. So if you and your friends would like to learn how to sing why not start with group lessons. Lessons are for small groups, so that the teacher has also time to give individual attention. Being in a group is more fun and actually motivates the student to come prepared each week. (They don’t want to be the only one to not have learnt their songs.)

What you’ll learn in a typical Group Singing Lesson:

  • The Singing Breath
  • Using the Diaphragm
  • Increase your Vocal range
  • Posture
  • Warming up the voice
  • Harmonize

The primary goal when you first start is to get you singing in tune and sounding good together. You’ll also learn how to project your voice and how to take care of your voice (vocal health). Other skills to learn include techniques to sing different styles of music. You will sing songs suited to your skill level and songs you enjoy. We also offer performance opportunities to our groups.

Our group singing lessons are located in Caroline Springs