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Private Singing Lessons

Two options are available in private Singing lessons: you can choose either to do 30 min or else 45min lessons:

We teach everyone, from beginners with no experience at all right through to experienced singers wanting to polish their technique.

Many people take singing lessons at our Studio in Caroline Springs just for fun, or to see if they can have a career in music. Others want to join a choir, bands or be in musicals. All of these are great reasons for learning to sing. You will sing songs suited to your skill level and personal tastes – always singing songs you enjoy.

What you’ll learn in a typical lesson:

  • The Singing Breath
  • Using the Diaphragm
  • Increase your Vocal range
  • Posture
  • Warming up the voice
  • Using the microphone
  • Performance preparation

The primary goal when you first start is to get you singing in tune and sounding good. Other skills to learn include techniques and to sing different styles of music. You’ll also learn how to project your voice how to take care of your voice (vocal health) and how to perform. When you are singing well, we offer performing opportunities to everyone who is interested.

We also prepare students for Singing AMEB and ANZCA exams.